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All of our IV Nutrient Therapies are formulated based on research and the intention to provide the maximum benefit to patients.

Each IV is based on the Myers Cocktail formula but, depending on the purpose of IV, will contain varying doses of each vitamin, mineral and nutrient. In many cases, key ingredients will be added to further enhance the efficacy of the IV in supporting specific conditions and/or outcomes. 

Myers Cocktail

Our most popular and "multi-purpose" IV Therapy combines Vitamin C, Multi B Vitamins as well as key minerals like Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Selenium and Chromium for an optimum boost to overall health and well being. (30 - 60 mins)

Regular Myers IV (30-45mins) .... $100

Large Dose Myers IV (60mins) .... $150 


Best described as a turbo-boosted Myers Cocktail! Replenish is particularly beneficial for patients who are depleted of nourishment or run down.  Wonderful for patients who are new to IV Nutrient Therapy, because they are often in need of "replenishment".  Everyone can benefit from this formula and patients are encouraged to choose Replenish as an essential IV frequently throughout the year.  (75 mins)

Replenish IV Therapy .... $175

Detox Support

Builds on the Myers Cocktail foundation and adds key nutrients to support Phase I and Phase II Detoxification programs. This IV involves a Glutathione push at the end. (60mins)

Detox Support IV .... $150

Weight Loss Support

This infusion supports patients' weight loss efforts by building on the Myers Foundation with higher dose B Vitamins, Amino Acids and Essential Nutrients designed to jumpstart the metabolism and increase energy levels. (45-60 mins)

Weight Loss Support IV .... $150

Re-Hydrator AKA The Hangover Buster!

This infusion is perfect for those who had a late night out, a long flight or who are feeling dehydrated in general. The Re-Hydrator replenishes electrolytes as well as key vitamins and minerals that depend on hydration for maximum absorption. (45-60 mins for 250ml - 90mins-2hrs for 500ml).)

Re-Hydrator IV .... $150 (250ml)

Super Re-Hydrator IV...$220 (500ml)

Stress Buster

Formulated to relieve stress and anxiety. Calming nutrients like glycine, taurine and tryptophan are added to help your body relax and combat the damages of stress. Included with this IV is a Glutathione push which greatly enhances stress reduction. (60 mins.)


Stress Buster IV .... $175

Pure Energy

Formulated to give you a natural jolt of energy and vitality! All the great ingredients of a Myers Cocktail are the foundation for this formula, but a generous amount of Vitamins C and B12 , Amino Acids, Methofolate and Carnetine each provide that pure energized feeling! (45-60 mins)


Pure Energy IV .... $150

Hormonal Support

Healthy liver function is key to balanced hormones. Building on the Myers Cocktail foundation the Hormonal Support IV includes important amino acids like Glysine, Methionine and the key macro nutrient Choline, each of which supports the liver as it builds healthy hormones. (60mins)

Hormonal Support IV .... $165

Mind Sharpener

Wasabi for the brain! This IV Therapy is specifically formulated to boost awareness and heighten clarity! (60mins)

Mind Sharpener IV .... $165

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Athletic Performance (Pre or Post Training)

Perfect for anyone with a demanding athletic training regimen. Essential nutrients, amino acids and antioxidants are added to this infusion to optimize strength, endurance and recovery. (60-90mins. depending on dosage)

Athletic Performance IV .... $160

Athletic Performance IV Super Dose .... $250   

Anti Aging

Turn back the clock with this infusion of a supercharged Myers Cocktail (higher doses of Vitamin C and B Vitamins) and high powered anti-oxidants such as Selenium and the amazing Glutathione (given as a "push" after the IV is Complete). This is the ultimate IV for collagen support (90 mins.)

Anti Aging IV .... $175  

Immune Booster

Great for flu season! This IV Therapy builds on the Myers Foundation with higher doses of Vitamin C and of B Vitamins and offers additional immune boosting nutrients. Stay healthy...feel better sooner. (60 mins)

Immune Booster IV .... $150

Libido Boost

For those looking to enhance that loving feeling, this IV Nutrient Therapy is formulated to put you in the mood. Added amino acids, particularly L-arginine help get the blood flowing! This is a great IV for couples, especially on "date night". (60 mins)

Libido Boost IV .... $165

Pain Support

This IV Nutrient Therapy is formulated to help reduce inflammation and compliments most pain management programs. As with all of our IV Therapies, this formula builds on the Myers Foundation but adds nutrients that combine to provide an analgesic effect such as MSM and higher doses of B vitamins.  (45-60 mins)

Pain Support IV Therapy .... $170

Nutrient Absorption

Particularly beneficial for patients with gastro-intestinal conditions.  This enriched IV Nutrient Therapy by-passes the digestive system, allowing essential vitamins and minerals to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream. (2 hrs.)

Nutrient Absorption IV .... $175 (250ml)

Super Dose Nutrient Absorption IV ... $220 (500ml)

Tissue Healing and Prolotherapy Support

This IV is very effective Pre or Post Surgery or in conjunction with Prolotherapy treatments. It provides healing support for tissue and wounds affected by injury or surgical incisions. Ingredients like Proline and Taurine, and higher doses of Vitamin C and Magnesium support healing and tissue regeneration.  (60 - 90 mins)

Tissue Healing IV .... $150 

Asthma Support (Non-Emergency Situations)

This Specialty IV Therapy includes key ingredients like Taurine, Glutathione and Aminosyn 8.5% to support patients dealing with asthma.  (2 - 3 hrs.)

Asthma Support IV .... $175    

Vision Support

For patients who want to preserve their eyesight, are experiencing Macular Degeneration or who require overall Ophthalmic Support. This IV includes key vision boosting minerals and nutrients like L-Carnitine and Taurine. (90 - 120 mins)


Vision Support IV .... $150   

Glutathione Push (Add-On)

The "Mother of all Antioxidants" - Anti-aging, muscle recovery, immunity, detoxification, stress reduction and much more. This push is included with many of our IV's but is also available as an *add-on* to any IV Therapy for an amazing anti-oxidant boost.  (15 - 30 mins)

Regular Glutathione Push .... $50

High Dose Glutathione Push .... $70

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