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Our Objective

Is to provide a comprehensive range of essential healthcare services so that our patients may attain optimal health and wellness and achieve their highest performance abilities. 

Our Focus

Is on prevention and education as well as treatment so that our patients may not only attain but also maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Our Commitment

Is to fulfill patient requirements to the highest standards, through the expertise of our dedicated healthcare professionals employing the most advanced research, techniques and equipment for trained and aspiring athletes. 

Individual care combined with teamwork

Our greatest strength is our clinic team and its approach to patient care. We've assembled a group of fully qualified practitioners from the main disciplines of alternative athletic health care including Chiropractic, Massage Therapy, Naturopathy and Acupuncture. They're dedicated to individualized patient treatment and at the same time know the value of teamwork in providing the best possible solution to each patient's needs and aims. Thus we have created a team approach to individual, patient-focused care. Working together and combining our areas of expertise allows us to effectively treat a greater variety of conditions and offer well-rounded training support.

A focus on pro-activity and prevention

With the ever-increasing demands placed on our provincial medical plan, health care is progressively moving away from the traditional 'reactive' approach toward a 'proactive' one. Athletes and people alike are beginning to take charge of their own health as they realize that the prevention of health problems is the key to a long, healthy life full of the activities one enjoys most.

At Performance, our focus is on educating patients in the prevention of sports injuries and common health problems by offering a complete healthcare service that can help them attain a healthy life ― and maintain it. We, therefore, take particular pleasure in welcoming patients that are ready to take charge of their health.

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