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Your first appointment with the chiropractor is generally about 35-40 minutes in duration.

After booking your first appointment, you will receive a link to complete our Intake Forms



Please complete the forms online prior to your appointment. 


If you are unable to complete them in advance please come at least 15 minutes early to fill them in, in our office.


We recommend that you wear loose, comfortable clothing (no skirts or dresses) or bring a change of clothes along. 

When you consult with one of our chiropractors about your health, your chiropractor will perform or provide the following:

A Case History: A thorough review of your specific problem, relevant past history, and your overall health.


An Examination: Physical testing and movements that you are asked to perform will help to identify the problem. Having a pair of shorts or activewear will be helpful at this time.

A Diagnosis: The definition and explanation of your problem, which should help to clarify your choices for care. Is this a problem in which chiropractic can help? If not a suitable referral will be done.

A Prognosis: An estimate of how your problem will respond to chiropractic care. Your response to treatment will be monitored by your chiropractor. Two of the basic components of chiropractic care are wellness and prevention. Utilization of exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle modification will be suggested to improve overall well-being and promote active, patient-centered care.

A Treatment Plan: A recommended treatment will be explained to you at the end of your visit. Your chiropractor may refer you for additional therapy within our office if seen as beneficial to your current health status. Our practitioners work together as a team to ensure our patients' full health care needs are addressed.

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