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What to Expect

Your first IV Nutrient Therapy appointment will begin with an assessment by our Naturopathic Doctor. Please bring your completed Intake Forms with you whenever possible. If you are unable to complete them in advance please come at least 15 minutes early to fill them in, in our office. We recommend that you wear loose, comfortable clothing or bring a change of clothes along.

The Assessment

The focus is on determining which IV Nutrient Therapy would be best suited to the patient's needs. Your visit will include taking your past medical history, family history, possibly ordering diagnostic tests and recommending the IV Nutrient Therapy.  In most cases, when further testing is not required, the IV treatment will take place immediately following the assessment. Dr Tavakoli recommends that if you have recently had any tests done that you bring your results along to your appointment.

How To Prepare For Your IV Nutrient Therapy Appointment?

Come hydrated. Even in cases where you are looking for a Re-Hydration IV Therapy, try to come to your appointment having consumed plenty of water.  Eat a balanced meal or snack before you come. Do not come with an empty stomach. Wear clothing that allows access to your hands and arms, either of which will be the injection site depending on the patient. 

Does Insurance Cover Naturopathic Care?

IV Nutrient Therapy falls under Naturopathic Care and most extended health care plans will cover visits to an ND. As each individual plan is different we recommend that you check with your extended healthcare provider to determine your coverage.  MSP will partially cover visits to an ND if you are on premium assistance and we can assist with verifying that for you. There will still be a user fee that is paid privately.

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