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Our Naturopaths Dr. Tavakoli and Dr. Dhillon are general practitioners treating acute and chronic diseases. They maintain a special interest in women’s health, gastrointestinal health, weight management, hormonal changes as well as acute and chronic pain or sports related injuries. Each has a growing passion to work with chronic diseases such as arthritis, MS and autoimmune diseases. 

Services offered

PRP - Prolotherapy - Laboratory testing - Food Sensitivity testing (IgG, IgE) - Thyroid Assessment - Saliva hormone testing - Male hormone panel - Female salivary hormone panel - Adrenal function panel - B12 injection - IV Nutrient Therapy (push and IV) - Massage cupping - Detoxification - Lifestyle counselling - Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis - Acupuncture - Clinical Nutrition - Homeopathy - Botanical medicine - Mesotherapy - Chelation Therapy


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