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Dr. Grant's Highlights from Laos

As mentioned in a previous blog, last month Dr. Grant travelled to Laos for a Humanitarian project with his charity Impact Laos.

We're thrilled to share a few photos of his trip, as well as some highlights!

He and his team were able to treat people for four days.

It was very rewarding to see the relief patients felt after being treated.

They visited two villages and two schools and assisted in the construction of a school floor.

A particular highlight of the experience was that they had raised enough money for the A-Frames and Tanks for 2 wells. In the past, members of the school community had to walk 1 mile just to get water, but now they have a well!

Dr. Grant's favourite part of the trip was giving brand new school supplies to the children! They were so excited to receive them and were so thankful!

We're really proud of Dr. Grant and love the impact he made on the lives of so many! .

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