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Welcome Heather Glascock!

We're thrilled to welcome, Registered Massage Therapist Heather Glascock to the Performance Integrated Health team!

Heather Glascock, RMT

Heather graduated from West Coast College Of Massage Therapy in 2009, after completing her comprehensive 3000 hour program.

After graduating Heather jumped into treating as a sports massage therapist and moved to Victoria BC to work closely with a Cycling tour company.

Heather is passionate about her work, and has many interests including cycling, weight training movement rehabilitation and world travel.

Throughout her practical experience she is better able to integrate her kinesthetic knowledge to her profession. To this end, she joined the Canadian Pro Rodeo sports association where she rapidly gained hands on experience with acute injury management.

Additionally, in 2010 she was introduced to cycling and worked with Catalyst Sports massage at the TransRockies and BC mountain bike races. In 2013, Heather accompanied an elite group of cyclists to the renowned 7 day stage race, Tour Trans Alps. This led to her finding Magic Places Cycling Adventures where she continues to support elite stage races and cycling tours worldwide. More recently, Heather is also proud to be supporting Wounded Warriors Canada, through a logistics position for the annual Battlefield Bike Ride.

Heather’s ongoing education has been focused on strength and conditioning, as well as the fundamentals of movement and stability in rehabbing persistent pain and dysfunction. She offers a wide variety of insightful techniques and effective treatment solutions. Coupled with her sports medicine background is Heather’s deep appreciation for the mind, body, spirit connection. She believes that respecting this connection, as it relates to health and wellness, is paramount to the results she achieves.

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Performance Integrated Health - serving South Surrey, BC White Rock, BC and surrounding areas is an integrated healthcare clinic, emphasizing preventative medicine and individualized care. We first opened our doors in 2006, and moved into our current location in July 2014. Our team includes three Chiropractors, three Physiotherapists, fifteen Registered Massage Therapists, two Naturopathic Physicians, and a Registered Acupuncturist.

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